Monday, August 29, 2016

keeping it going (#fall7up8)

Happy Monday everyone! (Possibly Tuesday... I'm posting this pretty late.)

I've been doing a few things to get myself stronger this week. One thing I worry about is getting lazy. I do it all the time. Not just lazy physically, but lazy about keeping this little blog thing going even after a good start. I expect to post something at least once a week. During the week, I'll be working on various goals that will hopefully and eventually help me stand up from laying flat on the ground.

This week, I recorded a little video of where I'm at right now as far as standing up if I fall. It's not pretty. Here's what I got...

I was surprised at how high my stomach is off the ground when I'm laying flat! I'm thinking the "biggest" problem is likely my weight. I just can't lift that much Mitch off the ground! In the video, I mentioned "when I was younger" and I'm thinking I weighed almost half of what I weigh now.

My main goal this week, then, is to keep walking. Over the summer, I've been reporting step count and minutes of activity to my nephew, Johnathan, each day. I started out barely walking 3000 steps or doing much more than 30 minutes of exercise a day. This week, I'm planning on 60 minutes active time and 6000 steps each day. I'm just using the Google Fit app on my phone to do the counting for me.

So far, I can only walk just over 6 minutes at a time. Then I need to rest a bit before I move onward. I was really happy to have survived a half mile walk this week using a Walkstool that I carried to rest on every few minutes. Using that method, I made it to dinner and rested, then walked the half mile back home, as well!

I also went downtown to the Salt Lake City Library this weekend and spoke with the folks at the Creative Lab. They have a 3D printer and I'm thinking I may try creating a cleaner "top" for the cane my dad built me last month. Between the Walkstool and the cane as good starts, we'll get something working so I can start getting some distance.

I can't explain how useful the video above was! I don't visualize myself accurately, and seeing my own struggle on screen will continue to help. I've created a YouTube channel with the same name as the blog... mitch is wandering -- not lost. The blog and the YouTube channel are for both this project and for general posts and videos as I travel and otherwise move around in the world. I'm commandeering the hashtag #fall7up8 for the standing up project. You can follow just this standing up project by clicking on that link on the right of this blog.

Thanks for reading this far! I'm really excited you're with me on this journey.

See you next week! If you don't see me, feel free to chase me down and demand an explanation!

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  1. Well heck, that's a workout in itself! Haha! Keep it up Mitch, weight loss and straight training is a fight for many. I look forward to your next update! Keep at it!